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Davenport Associates focuses on a small number of quality manufacturers, devoting the proper time and energy to make each line successful.


Discover the story of Davenport Associates, a thriving family business run by dedicated brothers. Established by their grandfather in 1966, this company has stood the test of time, evolving and growing to become a leader in the industry. With over 50 employees across 7 states, we proudly serve the entire northeast region.


At Davenport Associates, our mission is clear - we focus on a select group of quality manufacturers, giving each line the time and attention it deserves to achieve success. We uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity, taking responsibility for our employees, manufacturers, customers, and the industry as a whole. We believe that our interactions should reflect the exceptional standards we hold ourselves to.


Our vision is to drive growth for our manufacturer partners, increasing market share and protecting the manufacturer’s brand. We understand that the market demands a rep agency capable of streamlining the wholesale chain while offering comprehensive sales, marketing, and services throughout the supply chain. Our growth plan is based on winning market share in one territory and replicating that success in new areas.

Our greatest resource is our people - a talented, dedicated team.


Unlike other agencies, Davenport Associates does not compartmentalize our sales force by manufacturer. Our 27 outside salespeople actively participate in the sales and marketing efforts for each line, ensuring fresh perspectives and single-source accountability for marketing initiatives. With a focus on teamwork and trust, our low turnover rate allows us to invest in our most valuable asset - our people.

Leading the charge at Davenport Associates are Ryan and Dan Davenport. Supported by a collaborative management group including Vice Presidents Steve Lally, Rick Bush, and Steve Arel, as well as our General Manager, Jeff LaConte, we are equipped to face any challenge that comes our way. As a testament to our commitment to family values, Dan and Ryan will eventually be succeeded by Phil and Ken Reid. This succession plan ensures continuity in the market, avoiding any surprises for the manufacturers and customers we serve.

Why Phil and Ken? They share the same close-knit bond as Dan and Ryan, having graduated from Providence College together and excelling as college athletes, just like our current leaders. Phil and Ken are not only vital members of our management team, but share a strong bond with Dan and Ryan, and consider them family. Dan and Ryan have complete confidence in Phil and Ken's leadership abilities, and this trust is reciprocated. The concept of family not only serves as a guiding principle in our business, but it also fuels our determination for long-term success.

Operating on our core values of teamwork, 100% effort, communication, and consistency, we strive for success in everything we do.


Our unique and proprietary process, developed from these "Four Pillars", drives sales as we operate like a swift and efficient "SWAT Team" in the field. We continuously invest in technology, infrastructure, and our team culture to stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace. With our capability to warehouse and distribute products with next-day service, we offer unparalleled convenience. Whether your manufacturing goals involve the wholesale channel, consigned inventory, or a buy/sell arrangement, we have you covered.

Experience the difference of working with Davenport Associates. Join us in our quest to win, for each other and for our valued manufacturer partners. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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